Living Today

Living Today

Chip Crabill hosts a community-oriented podcast cover what’s news, what’s interesting, what’s amusing, and the people just like you who make it happen. There are a lot of wonderful things around us and we're Living Today.

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    Current Voice of the Cavaliers Dave Koehn

    Chip Crabill speaks with Dave Koehn about his experience working in a small-market radio station, and the exciting things happening with UVA athletics.

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    Baseball coach George Laase

    George Laase, head coach of R.E. Lee baseball and manager of the Staunton Braves visits Chip in the studio.

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    Sheriff Donald L. Smith

    Sheriff of Augusta County, Donald L. Smith takes time from his busy schedule to talk with Chip and share his goals as sheriff.

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    Coach Mike Bocock

    Chip talks with coach Mike Bocock ahead of his induction in the Valley Baseball League Hall of Fame.

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    Golf pro Will Lust

    PGA pro Will Lust invites you to the inaugural Billy Lust Memorial Golf Tournament.

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    Welcome to Living Today

    Introducing a new weekly podcast on Chip Crabill tells you how he came to work for ESPN 1240 and Star 94.3 radio and some of the topics he wants to cover in future podcasts.

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